Keleigh Black

Keleigh Black is a multifaceted image creator best known for capturing raw feelings and emotions behind the darkness of her subjects. Her creativity comes from various angles. Behind the lens her unique yet vast style captures her subjects in their rawest forms. She also brings this talent in front of the lens as well, displaying a style unlike what is seen today.

Keleigh’s origins begin in a historic sleepy town in Western Massachusetts where her fascinations with old horror films, antique and macabre collectibles as well as abandoned, dilapidated buildings began shaping her vision of forming images that evoke unrelenting emotions, giving each piece she creates a style of its own.

As an image creator, her work has been featured in SPIN, Decibel, New York Times, Nerve Magazine, and Vault Magazine just to name a few, as well as print advertisements for clothing companies and has appeared in independent films where she's been interviewed about the underground and mainstream extreme Metal music genre all over the world.

Keleigh's talents go beyond her imagery as she was a vocalist in Klone, a New York based industrial act that became a staple act within the 1990s industrial music scene. The band featured guitarist David X (PANZIE, formerly of BILE) and Greg Cahill (who's became a well recognized television music writer and award winning film maker).

She has lived in major cities all across America all in which have embraced her work and have lent itself to the ultimate in creative freedom, where she has expanded her artistic talents to the next level... and beyond.

Her client base and creative co-harts include: Metal Blade Records, Prosthetic Records, SPIN Magazine, Decibel Magazine, Schecter Guitars and the list continues to grow.

She has photographed numerous internationally known musical acts including her favorites 1349, Satyricon, Mayhem, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel/David Vincent, Skeletonwitch, Goatwhore, The Black Dahlia Murder, Vreid, The Adicts, Bleeding Through, Crowned By Fire and Kreepsville666. Keleigh Black continues to work on multiple 'Portrait Series' of her favorite Artists in addition to live and press photography.

Keleigh’s work is found on her official website at